Thursday, August 14, 2014

Week 5 - Last of the MTC

Well, this is my last email from the MTC. I leave on Monday, then, after going through Dallas, London, and Johannesburg, I arrive in Antananarivo on Wednesday. Its a lot of traveling and I'm not super excited for it, but its worth it to get to Madagascar.
My teachers! From left to right it's Brother  Bingham, Brother Aldous, and Brother Sell (He's from AF!)

We hosted again this week, and it was great! All of our zone left on Monday or Tuesday, so we got a fresh new batch this week. I got to host Elder Getter, who went to American Fork! He was in my stats class and my seminary class. And he's going to Indonesia, so he's in my zone! Oh, and his residence is on the same floor as mine. We are all super happy that our zone is on our floor. The first two weeks it was just us, and it was super nice! Then a lot of obnoxious Elders came and it wasn't as super nice anymore. I'm sure they're all great people, they were just super loud and they all took really long showers. But now it's all good, so no worries!

My District! From left to right it's Elder Schroedter from Houston, Elder Pinson from South Carolina, Elder Coleman from Kanaab (back), Elder Tavo from Vanawato (front), Elder Delbar from California (back), Elder Johnson from Las Vegas (back), Elder Hammer from Orem (front), Me (back), Elder Koplin from Idaho Falls (middle), Elder Reich from Kaysville (front), Elder Ahlstrom from Tuscan (back), Elder Covey from Draper (front), and Elder Morse from Florida.

We had our first (and only) skype TRC on Monday and we got to teach a member who was in Madagascar! We were terrible, but it was a really neat experience.

Mom, I played basketball for my last time for two years, and I'm still not injured, so don't worry.

Elder Bezzant!! (a friend from our home ward)

This week's word is vita. Vee-tah. It means end. Usually when something ends there is something even more exciting coming! Veloma!

Tiako ianareo,
Elder Rasmussen

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