Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 30 - Ankorondrano - Welcome to Ankorondrano!

(Answers to questions this week)

(What is the difference between Ambohimena and Atsirabe?)
So Ambohimena is an area inside of Antsirabe. So each city is made up of smaller areas and they each have a little fokon'tany or little like township with a town hall and then police that work in that area. But then the one for the city is over all of the little ones. I actually never worked in Ambohimena, but that was just the name of the Branch because lot's of members were from there. The technical name of my area was Ambohimena 1 or North. Then if you go to and use the find the closest ward thing, then it goes to google maps and it will show you the ward boundaries and church buildings. So the official name of my ward now is the Antananarivo 1st ward, if you want to look it up.

An area close to where he is, from Google Maps

(It doesn't look there there are roads in the residential areas - just houses packed together.  How do you find your way?)
Yeah, there's not a ton of roads, just alleys in crazy mazes. It's pretty exciting.

(Why can we see Antsirabe listed on the map, but not Antananarivo until you zoom in more?  Is it bigger or more important?)
I have no idea why tana isn't out farther. Tana is waaaaay bigger. Antsirabe is kind of a little bit of a tourist place though. But not as much as a lot of the coast cities.

(How do you pronounce Ankorondrano?)
Alright, Ankorondrano is pronounced ahn-koo-roon-john-oo. And the r is rolled, not american. I will admit I still barely know my way around at all.

(Elder Coleman is taking your place in Atsirabe.  Do you have his old companion now that you are in his old area?)
I have two companions, Tavo and Hardy, but Elder Coleman's companion now is my old companion, so if you look up his blog you'll see my old area.

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