Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 78 - Lobster and the Beach

So I'll start with transfer news real quick. I'm still with Elder Glazier. Then just about no one in our zone is going anywhere. Elder Hammer is headed back to Tana, and so is Elder Monsen. The original plan was for Elder Monsen to stay, but he got way sick this last week and the AP's are taking him back to Tana so he can be close to the mission nurse. He's lost a lot of weight and I'm hoping he'll get feeling better in Tana soon.

This last week was full of excitement with some splits and New Years! No one was home on New Years. They were all at the beach. Except for the missionaries, we were wandering by their homes looking for them. 

I went on two splits this week, one with Elder Tshetu from South Africa, and the other with Elder Cyusa from Rwanda. They are both big studs. With Elder Tshetu we stayed in my area and we went into Ankirihiry with Elder Cyusa. We also biked way out in the middle of nowhere to teach this family that comes to church every week. They should be getting baptized soon and they're way cool!
Then on Saturday, President and the AP's came up. They did interviews all day, and Elder Glazier and I were last. I love talking with President. And Sister Foote. And the AP's. Elder Covey and Elder Herrin are so cool! Then on Sunday we went to church and then had a big meeting with the branch presidencies, the stake presidency, and President Foote. So we only taught once on Sunday. But the meeting was really productive. I'm excited for the future of the Church here in Madagascar!

Then on Monday we went to a beach about an hour or so to the North of Tamatave and played football and volleyball with President and the AP's. We also ate lobster and I turned into one! Way red! I think I'm allergic to the sand or something, because my skin just got way raw and red after being outside for a couple hours. It was way weird, I don't understand at all. Elder Glazier told me it's sunburn, but everyone knows redheads don't get sunburned. I think I'm allergic to the sand... But we got back way late from that, so the AP's said we could email today. So that's why I'm emailing today.

Malagasy Morsel for the week is Talata. It means Tuesday, because that's today, and I was running out of good ideas for words... But, the church is still true, and I'm just loving serving the Lord every day out here in Tamatave. The Lord knows what he's doing and if we trust him, everything will be fine. I get so much peace and love from trying to follow Him!

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