Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 97 - Antsirabe!

Split Week!!! We were in Antsirabe all this last week doing splits with each of the eight elders down there. We all came and slept in the same house with them and had studies with them, then when we went out to work we would stick two of us with a companionship and split their area for the day. One of us and one of them would teach all of the times, then the other one of us and the other one of them would go contact all day. It was a blast! I remember at the beginning of my mission I dreaded tracting. I would do just about anything to avoid it.

But this last week, I tracted all day for a couple days and loved it. We just walked around knocking on people's doors and talking to people on the street. Then we helped some people their furniture off of a cart and into their house then talked to them about the gospel a little as we did that and set up a return appointment. I had a lot of fun. Then that was about all for the week. I felt like we did a ton of contacting and a LOT of driving and then the rest of it just kind of blurred together... my bad. I'll send a lot better email next week, but we've got no time right now: we're about to drive for sixish hours to get to Tamatave and go do splits there this whole next week. It'll be a blast. I'm so pumped to see my zone and my area again!

Malagasy Morsel for this week would be mandrakizay. It means forever/eternal. And I get to use that a lot when I'm teaching. This gospel is all about those eternal things! Eternal life, eternal families, eternal atonement, eternal covenants, eternal joy, eternal exaltation, eternal peace, eternal happiness. I love teaching about all of those things. The only catch is that there are some mandrakariva things that we have to do to get those. Mandrakariva means always. We need to always read the scriptures, pray always, look to God always, repent always, always believe, always try, always grow, and always love. The eternal stuff can't come without the stuff that we do always before that. But if we do our always stuff, then our Heavenly Father is more than happy to always help us with our always stuff.

Anyway, y'all have a great week, but I gotta go. Love ya!
Mandra-pihaonantsika indraika!

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