Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 49 - Genealogy All the Way Back?

It was a fantastic, sunny day at the beach here in lovely Tolagnaro. I came right from the beach, and it says hello to all of you. It's beautiful as always. I would send some pictures... but I still can't. More explanation about that later.
Anyway, this week was great. We unfortunately only had 19 people at church, last week we had 22. I was still way happy though, let's be real. Elder Pinson, who's had longer to get used to it down here was pretty disappointed and kept searching for someone else at church so we could at least have 20. This week has seriously been way sweet though! Elder Pinson is way funny and lots of weird stuff happened this week so we had some great laughs. One of my favorites was when I was chatting with some members at a soiree and, talking about hiking up to the top of the big mountain by our house, I said, "I heard it's best to go up with all of the young women." I caught myself and changed it to young men, but it was too late. Good news was that it was in French, not Malagasy, but we still say it all the time. Ah well. It was way funny.

Then, the weather has just been perfect for working without having a rainjacket with you. We've gotten some mist and stuff, but mostly it's just been sunny and nice.
This morning we woke up and it was cloudy. We'd already planned to go to the beach, so I said a quick prayer that it would be clear. Five minutes later it was. Then when we got ready to go, it was manerikerika-ing pretty bad. Like drizzling mist. So we played a game of Scum, then the weather went back to just cloudy, so we headed over to the beach and it got way nice. It was beautiful. We walked a little while to a beach a little farther away then the one in front of our house, and it was beautiful. This morning when we were preparing to go, I found this old "Hikers First Aid Kit" red fanny pack. So I decided to wear it to the beach. It's perfect! There's one pocket perfect for my camera, one perfect for my planner and pen, then the other one fit my wallet, white handbook with my documentation in it, my socks when I went barefoot and my sunglasses and some spare money. It went beautifully and I may have looked like a retarded tourist, but it was just too perfect!

So that's my new p-day bag, from now to forever.

The only problem was I forgot to move my camera cord into the fanny pack, so I can't upload pictures... Awkward... Next week!

Anyway, if this picture comes out right, it will show a screenshot from my family search account. I was just chasing a line back today to see how far I could get and I knew I got it as soon as I got to "Judah ben Jacob King of Goshen" followed by "Jacob Israel ben Isaac." After that it was a breeze to get to "Adam Son of God Father of All Mankind" and his father, "God." So... enjoy this screenshot of my success. WE DID IT FAM WE DID IT!!! Hahahahahaha this made my day. Game over. Jkjkjk

But that leads us to our Malagasy Morsel of tetiarana. It means geneology and it's super important, because it's something that all of our wonderful members need to do to go to the temple and to help their ancestors recieve their ordinances too! It reminds me of a hymn that goes like: "Out in the desert they wander hungry and helpless and cold. Off to the rescue we hasten, bringing them back to the fold." There are still so many people out there that need to go home to our Heavenly Father with us! Don't forget how important family history is and don't get to lax about sharing the gospel with friends and family and everybody! We taught a lesson in Gospel Doctrine yesterday about missionary work and it is for everybody!!! If we really love those around us, we should at least give them the chance to start heading towards eternal life, and we owe it to them. I love you all, and I wish you all a fantastic week!

Mozotoa e aby!

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