Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 50 - National Celebrations

First off, happy independance day! Our 26th of June over here (Madagascar Independence Day) was pretty good, we had a half and hour long firework show the night before which we watched from the balcony on the church and then everyone was out and about drinking/being with family on the 26th itself. We had a grand total of... drumroll please... TWO times taught that day! So that was poop. Especially because lots of people said they'd be home for sure even though it was a holiday. So we walked around a lot and had two way good times! And then this week is America Day!!! Have a good one of those all y'all. I will wear my American Flag sunglasses just for you. And my America socks.

This week was really great though! Sure, the 26th was kind of a letdown and to be honest, the day before was pretty bad too, but we still had lots of way good lessons! And we got a bunch of people at church too! Fort Dauphin is just the place to be!!!

Elder Pinson and I have been way busy this week, we've had a ton of times. I love being busy! The best part is that so many people are progressing and excited to get baptized. And we've got BAPTISMS on Saturday!!! They've been waiting for their birth certificates to come from way out in the middle of nowhere and they finally came on Saturday, then getting married on Thursday. I've only taught them for like three weeks, but they're way awesome! They are so pumped that everything's finally happening. It's so great to see a whole family super ready to get baptized.
Malagasy morsel for the week is intsony in the main dialect of Merina or sasy if we're going with Antanosy. It means anymore. So like, "tsy dia salama soa sasy 'zaho." Or, "I'm not super healthy anymore..." Haha I had some close calls this morning with stomache problems, but we're all good! Elder Rasmussen's still got his guts of steel, so no worries!

Just a small thought for this week: wake up a little early and go watch the sunrise! Heavenly Father has given us such a beautiful place to live here, and we could use a little more appreciation! Especially because gratitude is the way we get rid of pride! Know who you're grateful for and you'll see how much help we've got in our lives!

Love you all!
Tahian'ny Tompo,

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