Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 90 - After Much Tribulation Come the Blessings

Haha I hope you all are intrigued by the subject to this email... But first I want to make a big statement that no, I have not seen conference yet, and yes, I am way jealous of y'all that have. There.
I feel like I have a ton of stuff to write in this letter, but not a ton of time to write it and I know you all love huge emails a lot, so I'll keep it pretty short.

We started this week of really strong: on Tuesday we had four baptismal interviews that Elder Johnson and I did for Ambolomadinika, then we taught Erik and his family, Seraphin and his familiy, Jean Francois and his family, Ramiandrisoa and his family, and Alexice and his family. They were all great and we got some good times with members there building relationships with them too.
Then on Wednesday we taught Berthrand and his family, we tracted into Jean Jacques and his family, taught Lucianno, Tino, Thierry and Lidia, Jerry and Ercyla, then street contacted for a little bit at night.

Then on Thursday, we had a great last district meeting from Elder Snell about how to get awesome like Captain Moroni, then we taught Modeste and his family, Maroviavy's family, Jeannot and his family, Prisca and his family, Prince, Berthello and his family, and we picked up the new missionaries who came from tana for the transfers.

Then on Friday we taught Landry, Dadabe Francois and his family, Anthony, Ramiandrisoa and his family, Deni and his family and a less active woman whose name I forget... I actually didn't teach her because I was with the branch mission leader looking for Landry's house, which Landry said was right by the branch president's house, but turned out to be a two hours walk away. I loved that.
Then on Saturday we had times scheduled with 11 families who we were both way exited about AND a baptism! But then every time but one fell through, and that one was a referral from a member, it was his dad and he pretty much just plead with his dad to learn from the missionaries, but he wouldn't accept. That was probably one of the roughest days on the mission, but you know what? Even though a big part of me wanted to be way discouraged, I just couldn't do it. Being a missionary and not teaching anyone or getting let into any times is still being a missionary and that's so cool! So then it was late and dark and we had about an hour and a half of work left, and no times, it was too late to tract, so usually at that time we street contact. I've done lots of street contacting on the main street in front of our church but I've never seen any quality investigators come from it. Then yesterday, after a way hard day, we set up times with two families while street contacting, and we taught them both on Sunday and they were great. So that's where the scripture in the subject line comes in, because that was the start of the blessings.

Then Sunday came! That's my favorite day! You get to see everyone at church and take the sacrament and it's fantastic! And our three best families all came!!! And we had 24 investigators at church and 103 people total! That's the best week for a little while and it was so awesome! The members were making friends with the investigators and helping them out and the investigator class was great and way full! And then a ton of members want to help us this week. Sunday just made my week so much better.

Then another great story about Sunday, we have this recent convert named Delphin who is a huge stud. Elder Glazier baptized him before I got here and he's the one who called Elder Glazier the "key to his light" if any of you remember that. Anyway, Saturday night we were talking to him at the church (he's a security guard at the church) and he told us about how he broke up with his girlfriend because she wouldn't learn from the missionaries and was always trying to get him to move in with her. And he was telling us how since he broke up with her she's been trying way hard to get him back and coming to visit him and crying, he moved houses so she couldn't visit him and she went to his aunt and was trying to figure out where his parents lived so she could talk to them about him and he is just trying to get away from her. I thought it was way funny, but SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!!  And then he felt way awkward and came and sat by us so he wouldn't have to sit by her and it was SO funny! But I feel way bad for him. But anyway, I'll keep y'all updated on that for sure!

Malagasy Morsel is a word that y'all probably don't even use in English, but it's sognambo and it means breadfruit here in Tamatave.

Y'all have a great week, and hopefully next week when I email, I'll have seen conference!

Love y'all. The church is true. He lives.

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