Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 91 - Conference!

We watched conference. AND IT WAS SO GOOOOD! I love that stuff. I had to keep reminding myself that the whole point of it is to apply it in our lives and not just watch it over and over again, because that's definitely what I wanted to do! President Nelson's talk in the priesthood session was so good! I love that stuff!

Then we've got some cool stories this week, on Monday we were in line at the checkout in Shoprite, a grocery store, buying some shampoo and a couple expensive food items, when the guy behind me was actually a member from the Philippines and he was wearing garments and all 7 of his siblings were return missionaries and two of his children are return missionaries and he bought my food. I imagine that's what serving a mission in Utah would be like. It was way cool though, we talked to him for a while and he actually works on a ship that was in port for a few days, and he's comes here fairly often, but he didn't know the church was here until just barely. So that was way cool!

Then the next day, we were meeting up with this guy named Jean Carlo who just showed up to church and said that a missionary told him to come. We didn't know where his house was, so we met up somewhere and he lead us to his house. On the way he was talking with us and we found out that he lived in Tana for a while and had been to church once there and gone to the missionaries' English classes before. Then he asked me, "Do you know Sister Moody?" I wasn't a hundred percent sure what he said so I asked, "Do you mean Sister Wooley?" Because she's the mission secretary and I know some of the couple missionaries teach English classes in Tana. He said, "Nope, Sister Moody. Do you know her? Because she knows you." At this point I was way confused, "She knows me and Elder Johnson?" "No, just you. She said you were way good friends." Turns out he had been looking at and somehow starting chatting with missionaries there, which turned into a facebook chat with Sister Heather Moody. I know her!!! And she told him that he should go to church and he did, then he told her that he met the missionaries, "Elder Johnson and Elder Rasmuseen." Haha close, but yeah, crazy right??? She just hooked me up with an investigator who seems way cool and gave us Sprite once the time was over. I was so amazed by it all.

Then I also got a letter this week. From Brother and Sister Williams in the good old 30th ward, it was a Christmas card... haha it may have taken a while to get through the mail system here, but it got through! I was touched by that.

Anyway, we'll close with a malagasy morsel of mandehana which is a command form of go. Mandehana amin'ny tempoly. Go to the temple. I kept thinking about that all of conference and I'm so pumped to get to go again! So much good comes in and because of the temple. And back home I'm not even 5 minutes away! Crazy!

Anyway, love y'all and have a great week.
Mazotoa e!

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