Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 62 - Fruits From the Search

And just like that the transfer is halfway over... But that just means that Elder Price and I have three more weeks to rock the heck out of Amparihy! Literally. We are trying to get rid of as much heck as we possibly can.

But this last week was great! We had a poopy amount of lessons taught, but we definitely had some quality in there! We hunted down a lot more less actives and we found a lot! We've been focusing a lot on trying to get more Melchizedek priesthood holders because the church really needs those down here. We want it to grow down here, but right now we've got 12 active Melchizedek priesthood holders in the great Amparihy branch. We've also got like 7 that will coming in the next few months and we've got like three potentials that will be baptized next month, and we've been getting some more less actives coming too. Sometimes we'll have more investigators in Elders Quorum than actual elders... awkward.

Anyway, cool story with the hunting of less actives:
We heard about this less active named F. who lives out kind of far away right off the beach, so when we found a less active over by that general area we asked him if he knew her. And he did. Even better, he showed us her house! She wasn't there, but we set up a time with her family. So she lives there with her whole family, but just her, her 20 year old son, and her 13 year old grandson are members. So we got to them on Friday night. She was thrilled to see us and called us her children and told us how much she loved us and how happy she was to be visited again. She hasn't been visited in a long time... and she said her other kids and their spouses were ready to get baptized... and she said they'd come to church. And they did. So... I felt like we did some good work there. We got some new families and a less active back to church. It was great!

Then we found a recent convert named S. He was baptized and then he just dropped off the map. The former Elder Fisher who is now just Brother Fisher emailed me and asked me how the area was going because he worked here like a year ago, and he explained how to get to S.'s house. And we found it! He's been way out in the boonies for a long time and had just gotten home the last week. He was pumped to see us and he should be coming to church this next Sunday. So it was cool to see that all of God's sheep are numbered and he knows where they're at.

Then we had some other less actives come to church. They live on the military base and we've gotten the dad to come before, but his wife, who used to be the Relief Society President, has never come. But we went with the Branch Council and had a soirée at their house and she came! Her husband had guard duty, so he couldn't come... but she did! It was awesome!

So we had a great week and it ended great with lots of less actives and investigators at church.
Our Malagasy Morsel is, of course, mitady. It means to search. And we were able to see some good fruit from that this last week.

The church is still true, by the way. And so is the Book of Mormon.
I love all y'all and I wish y'all a great week.
Mazotoa e!

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