Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 63 - Lights in the Bathroom

So I'll start out by saying that this last week has been fantastic. We got 31 investigators at church!!!
I'm still a little speechless at that one... they just kept on coming and coming. So did the less actives and just the people in general. We had a whopping 175 people in our little upstairs room we use for Sacrament meeting. No, their where not enough chairs. It was way sweet! The branches aren't super far away from splitting, and we're all super psyched for changes coming this week. But it was way cool!

The weather this week has been paradisiacal. You know, just another great week out here in the Indian Ocean. I'm loving it out here! Elder Price and I are just having a blast! This last week we had some balling member help going with us! So we found some former investigators and a good amount of less actives. It was fantastic!

I've got some crazy good news though: We are going to get a stove this week!!! We've been out of propane for a month and a half, and by "we" I mean the whole city of Fort Dauphin... So after lots of dry ramen consumed, we will be getting an electric stovetop to last us until someone in Antananarivo finally sends a truck full of propane tanks at us. I'm so excited for some cooked food at home! The only problem with an electric stove is that yesterday morning, half of our house's lights and plugs stopped working... It's not too bad, but our fridge is not refridgerating and our washing machine is not washing and there's no lights in the bathroom! You really need lights in the bathroom dang it!!! Haha

We had some way sweet stuff happen this week though! We were going to go sort out stuff with our power and water company on Tuesday because they claimed we had not payed, but we had, and we brought our member help with us, Fitahia. Then on the way back from that, he showed us some less actives that live kind of by the power company. We showed up and they were so pumped to see us! They'd actually had some random questions about their Book of Mormon reading, so the night before they prayed that the missionaries would come. And then we did. So that was way neat. It was also like "well... if you've got a question why don't you come to church and ask all of the people there?..." But it was still a way neat experience to be involved in answering a prayer.

The Malagasy Morsel for today would be fitahiana in the main dialect or Fitahia in Antanosy. (I know, they just drop the last syllable, way different...) but it means blessing. And it is coincidentally the name of the member help who showed us the house of the people who were praying for us to come. Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and I'm so thankful for all of the great stuff in my life that makes me so happy! Like lights in the bathroom... Haha there's lots of things we take for granted!

Love y'all!

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