Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 60 - Finding New Families

So this has been a great week ending on a higher note. We did some way good work this week and found some great new families! Contacting here is so easy. We literally got into every house we went to. We usually try to do more contacting on the streets then going door to door because then we can find more families easier. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I dread contacting, but I love it so much once I get going! It's just so cool to meet some new people and learn all about them and become good friends with them! I love it. Plus it makes me feel like a baller because our program gets nice and full again. So that's way nice. But yeah, we had some way good days!

Then this week I was really looking forward for fast sunday. That was kind of weird, but it was way good! And then we had some of the most powerful lessons I've ever taught on Fast Sunday after we broke our fast at lunch. So that was all a win!  But there were just so many cool things that happened this week! We had a Family Home Evening with our First Counselor in the Branch Presidency and he is also a Colonal. Which means he's the second highest ranked military official here in Fort D. His family is so cool! His conversion story is way cool too! He was baptized in 2002 which makes him easily one of the oldest members here! He and his family have been to the temple, and he's learning English with his wife so they can be more effective when they go on a mission together. They still have a 7 year old daughter... They are way cool!

Then on Tuesday we had a FHE with M. and F. and that went way good! They're doing great! It was way fun! We played a game with them where you each have a fruit name and one person is it and they say their fruit then someone else's fruit and it keeps going around like that. Trick is you can't show your teeth... They were terrible. Missionaries won the first game in a minute and a half... They are just to smiley and happy! That was lots of fun though. Then we taught some way cool people and just had a great week!

Malagasy Morsel would be mahafesy (Antanosy) or mahafantatra (Merina/official dialect) it means know. And tena mahafesy tenga fa maregna itiky fiangonana itiky. There a lot of things that I know, and the most important ones go like this: I know that God live and He loves me. I know that Jesus Christ died for my sins. I know that the true gospel in its fulness was restored throught the prophet Joseph Smith. And I know that Thomas S. Monson is truly God's prophet in our day. And I especially know that it is in God's plan for me to have an eternal family and I am so grateful for all y'all in there. Teaching about the family is one of my favorite things to do and I know that our families are one of the biggest gifts God has given us.

I love y'all.
Tahian'ny Tompo

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