Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 74 - Get Back to Work Week

Work Week! Last week was Travel A Lot Week, so it was nice to get going! We've still got a bunch of stuff to get going, because we are actually whitewashing half of our area, but it's going good! Church attendance was not quite as many as I was expecting, but new branch, new people, it's all good! 

Our goal here in Tamatave is to light the place on fire. So Elder Glazier and I just went to work. Did we tract a lot? Yeah, you could say that. Did we teach a lot? Yeah, you could say that. Did we go swimming a lot? No. We're missionaries.

It was a great productive feeling week and we should be seeing some results from it in this next week! So awesome.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! I don't know if you guys knew that, but there's this holiday over here where everyone gets with their family and then gets so drunk they can't remember why they were celebrating or their name. And it's excellent! Mostly it's excellent because of another holiday that's coincidentally on the same day that's about Jesus Christ. That's the really good part.

We'll even go all out and put Christmas in Malagasy for our Malagasy Morsel. Are you ready for this? It's Krismasy. Pronounced just about the same as Christmas. Crazy right??? 

Can you all tell that I'm way pumped for Christmas? It's always been my favorite time of year, and you can bet I've been playing Christmas music for like a month and a half. Bummer is that it was a different Elder's Christmas music, and then I moved and don't have any. I should get on that.

Why is Christmas so good?
Because Christ lives. And we can live forever too.
And that's really really good.

Love you all and I mirary a sambatra Christmas Season!

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