Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 76 - Celebrating Christ


Whew. My throat hurts a little bit from yelling those words as I typed them. But really, who's pumped? I'm so pumped. 

This week has been great.

We did lots of stuff. Tons of stuff. So many stuffs I can't even think of them all. But really, I'm skyping home this week, so I feel like there's not all that much to talk about.

Elder Glazier and I got some gorrilla masks that we may have used late at night one day or something like that, but no biggie. We also made a sweet Christmas card that I hope you all got. We spent FOREVER making that...

Then we went on some splits this week. Way cool. 

But no we'll just go to Malagasy Morsel time. It's Jesoa Kristy. Guess what that means. It means Jesus Christ. I'm sure that was a hard one. And that's what Christmas is all about. I love it.But I just kind of had a cool story from yesterday that I wanted to share with y'all. We got home from church and were watching Mormon Messages on Elder Snell's USB while we were making our delicious spaghetti. And there was this one video that had a little clip of Jesus walking with his disciples and I just thought to myself, "What I would give to get to walk with Him and learn from Him every day." And as soon as I thought that, the next thought came into my head, "That's exactly what you're doing right now." I get to do his work and I get to learn from Him from the scriptures every day and we all get to do that! I love it so much! That just made my day.

So I'd like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and don't forget to do some things that our Savior would have you do to let you come unto Him while you're all celebrating Christmas.

Love you all!

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