Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 75 - A Full Program

HEY!!!! Guess what. It's almost CHRISTMAS!!! And I am not the slightet bit excited. I can't stand Christmas.

Whoops... did I say I can't stand Christmas? I meant I can't stand waiting for Christmas. I love Christmas.

But this last week was so fantastic. We had splits with the APs one day, they brought two other missionaries with them and just did splits in each elder's area for a week. So pretty much one missionary and one of the split dudes would teach all of the times, and the other two would go find new families all day. It was lots of fun! Most of the missionaries got two days of splits, but Elder Glazier and I just already have too many people we're teaching that they only did one day of splits with us. Haha

But really, our program is so full right now. We pretty much have times scheduled every half hour... Way full. It's fantastic though! We have a lot of people bail on us and lots of new investigators but we still managed to teach 39 times. Hah, "only" 39 times. We were killing it, it was so fantastic.

Let's see... it's kind of weird working with Brandan, especially because I can't call him Brandan... But it's way fun! We just have a blast and we are just going hard and it's beautiful.

Fun note, this week is December 19th! Happy birthday family!!!

Christmas is coming up!!! We've got some sweet ideas for a zone activity, but we'll probably save it and keep it a surprise.

Malagasy Morsel of the week is bokana and it means ripped/muscular. And Elder Glazier and I are getting bokana!!! We ran to the cyber this morning in about 17 minutes. It's way far. And it was way hot. We've been sitting in the high nineties lately with like a gajillion percent humidity. We are dripping sweat all of the time. Literally. When I walked into the cyber and leaned over to turn on the moniter, I dripped like five times on the keyboard. Cool, right?

Anyway, y'all have a great, cold week and enjoy whatever part of the world you may be in.


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