Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 88 - Rain

So this week we got caught in the rain a little bit. Nice, huh? I'm all for keeping it really simple in my bag, so I usually don't bring a coat. That's what a waterproof bag is for, right? I don't need to worry about that!  So anyway, we got soaked. Elder Johnson kind of feels the same way about jackets. But, to be a hundred percent honest, it's too hot for a jacket. I feel like if I wear a jacket I end up getting soaked with sweat instead. So then it's just a choice between sweat or rainwater. Obviously rainwater wins, so no jacket for me!

We had a fantastic week this week though. We worked a lot and it was a lot of fun! We also had two splits this week, one with the Ankirihiry elders. We pulled both of them into our area and had two companionships working our area. I started with Elder Maleka, a convert from Uganda, then halfway through the day we switched and I worked with Elder Francom, from Kaysville, Utah. It was lots of fun. Then the second split was on Saturday and I was with Elder Snell, also from Kaysville, Utah, while Elder Johnson went into Ambolomadinika with Elder Band, Elder Snell's companion. It was lots of fun and I had a blast working with all of them. Splits are always so fun and it's way neat to work with other missionaries. But honestly? I'm usually pretty excited to get back with my companion again once the split is over... It's nice to work with someone that you've been working with for a little while and you're both on the same page. I've been blessed with some balling companions though, that makes it nicer. But we might just have one more week together and then it's transfers!!! Crazy right? Time's flying, it's already Fall down here, so we're going to start getting a little more chilly. Tamatave won't really get too chilly, but if I move next week, and I probably will, then I might be pretty chilly for the next little while. I'm not too excited about that.

Then it rained on Sunday. You might want to know why that's worth mentioning that it rained on Sunday when it rained on a couple other days too. Well, when it rains on Sunday people don't come to church. We've been in the 90's with church attendance, got into the low 100's a decent amount. It rained this week and we had *drumroll* 57. Haha that's the lowest I've had my whole mission! Then there were only like 45 members that came. Not super good. I feel like if you live your whole life in a rainy place the rain would stop bothering you as much, but you never know!

Then next week is Easter! So church attendance should be pretty high for that. Also, I might be emailing late or not emailing next week because the Monday after Easter is a huge party here. So just a heads up.

But for our Malagasy Morsel we'll keep it way simple and in line with Easter. In our good old Fotopampianarana sy Fanekempihavanana (Doctrine and Covenants) section 76 verse 22 we got "velona izy." "He lives." BEST TESTIMONY EVER. So there is is guys. He lives.

Love y'all.
Mazotoa e!

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