Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 87 - Zone Conference!

Well, this last week was exciting! We had a zone conference with a member of the 70! It was Elder Kevin Hamilton and he's in the area presidency down here in the Africa Southeast Area. It was way good. Fun note though, my first day in country involved a zone conference with him, and here we are having a zone conference with him again! We talked about a ton of different things and it was great. Everyone came way prepared with questions and had read the talk that we were supposed to read in preparation for it.

Then, the day before that we went on splits with Elder Brown and Elder Nolan, except instead of one us us going there and one of them coming to us, we pulled both of them into our area for the day and then switched companions halfway through the day. It was lots of fun! They're doing great! They're both pretty new missionaries, but they're doing fantastic right now. It was lot's of fun to work with them. Especially because Elder Brown and I were already companions down in Fort D, so it was way cool to work with him again and see how much better at malagasy he's gotten. Way cool guys. I had a blast with them.

Then the rest of the week was just working. It was nice. We found a way cool family, and then our two best families right now came to church and were way pumped and happy! I love being a missionary!

Malagasy Morsel for this week is mimohy or mihomehy, Betsimisaraka and Merina versions. It means to laugh. And I feel like the one thing that makes me have a good day no matter what is finding something to laugh about. There's lots of good things out there and when I am good at laughing, I'm way happier. Isn't that great?

Anyway, love you all, have a great week!
Mazotoa e!

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