Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Week 86 - He's My Zoky Be Too!

Alright, so this week was great. We just went down and went to work. It was lot's of fun. Then on Wednesday we had a split with some elders from the other house, so we snuck into their house in the evening and called them and told them they all needed to come home right now! Then when they got there we had sloppy joes just finishing up. Then we hit them with a spiritual thought in D&C 100:4 about how the Lord has sent them here for a reason. Then we told some stories about some awesome people we've found that the Lord has prepared for us and just tried to get them pumped up to be missionaries here in Tamatave. It went great. Then we split up and I took Elder Tshuma from South Africa with me. He's from JoBurg and he has been out for about 8 months or so. He's doing great. He was a little bit under the weather so I feel a little bit bad because I dragged him around and taught eight times. I think he was a little bit overwhelmed... But it was great! We had lots of fun. Then Elder Johnson and I ran a little get to know you thing in zone meeting on Thursday then had a Preach My Gospel Jeapardy thing going on. It was great. We made situations and had them give the right answer according to Preach My Gospel. It was lots of fun.

Then the rest of the week was just work and work. It was great. Then we had 26 investigators at church! It was so cool! We just had people crawling out of the woodwork and talking to us during the week then coming to church! It was so fantastic!

Our Malagasy morsel this week is zoky. It means older sibling. And then zoky be is the oldest sibling who usually is the head of the family when the parents die. It's a really important thing here. So story time, Delphin, our awesome recent convert who was baptized by Elder Glazier a little bit before I got here was flipping through a pamphlet and so I pointed at a picture of an old african man and said, "that's my  grandpa." He laughed and then turned to a picture of Jesus being baptized and said, "That's my zoky be!" I was all, "No way! Mine too!!!" Then we laughed and he said we were related and it was great. But really. Isn't it great having an older brother that's always got your back perfectly. Like the judge at the final judgement is our older brother who died for us! How awesome is that? Way awesome. Anyway, that's all for this week. I hope y'all have a fantastic week and we'll talk to again in a week.


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