Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 55 - Conquered the Mountain!

Almost all of Fort Dauphin - it's not huge.

So, we finally climbed the mountain! And it is so nice!

My name is now etched in stone on the top of Peak Saint Louis in Tolagnaro, Madagascar.

Pictures will be coming by next week... This computer is far from ideal. But because of an exciting incident with my companion and an ankle injury on the way down from the mountain, this email will be a little bit short today.

I love mountains so much!

This last week has been fantastic except it was the lowest number of investigators I've had at church so far... Sunday morning was rainy... So... yeah. Anyway, we got some great people to still come despite that, so it was a success. We also slayed this week. Elder Price has been a champ and has started getting used to the workload down here. He's a fun guy!  Hopefully his ankle gets better. It was quite the adventure getting him down the mountain... But we did it! And we almost broke my record for most lessons taught in a week, so things are going nicely so far...

Anyway, quick Malagasy Morsel is soa. It means good, so it's essentially the same as tsara, but it's used more down here. And this week has been so soa!

Anyway, love you all!
Tahian'ny Tompo!

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