Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 58 - Meeting the New Mission President

So I saw my mission president finally... He's way cool! He's super fun to be around and he just makes you laugh and feel way good about yourself! He flew in on Friday, and we were supposed to take him, his wife, Elder Cook (the Seventy who's the president of the Africa Southeast area), and Sister Cook around town. Their plane was late... which is usual for AirMadagascar... so we played scum in the hotel waiting for them. I won overall champion of course. Then we headed over to the church and had a real quick zone conference thing. It lasted like an hour and a half? Then we had a fireside that was way good! I had to translate the first part of it, but then we got a return missionary to do the rest... He didn't know what the Navy was, which was sort of central to a story that was being told, but he did way better than I would have! Translating is tough stuff! It was way cool to see all the members from both branches coming out on a weekday though! Then afterwards we got to go eat dinner at this place that we go to a lot... The lady saw us come in and started the hamburgers grilling... Haha I always get the same thing... Anyway, turns out that they had got a bunch of bacon, so we all had bacon cheese burgers. It was a little intimidating to have a Seventy right accross from me as I ate... but as soon as the prayer was done he grabbed his hamburger with both hands and got going, so it wasn't as scary after... It was way fun to meet with them though! There were four of them and only four of us, so we all got to talk a good amount! So that was probably the highlight of my week!

So we didn't actually work at all on Friday... The sad part is we still managed to get better stats than I usually got with a full week's work in my other areas... M. and F. and the fam is all doing great! They got their triple combinations and they're just the best recent converts! Haha I have to keep telling their kids to go sit with their parents in Sacrament Meeting, they always try to come sit on the ground by me. They are adorable.

Then this morning we played basketball at the military base. We teach one less active family in the camp and usually the guards try to give us a hard time at the base. This time, our first counselor in the branch presidency had booked the basketball courts for us and told the guards to let us in. He's a colonel. He's also the second highest ranked military official in all of Fort D. So the guards just got to glower at us as we skipped into the base... Haha. The colonel turned out to probably be better at basketball than me... I'm just taller. And my team was a lot better... We won eight games in a row. Then after that we headed out to another basketball place, one where all the cool kids hang out. We threw down on a team and then got beat by another, but hey, we were way tired at that point. So we left all of the marijuana smokers behind and headed out. Then we got rained on. Now here we are! It was way fun to play some ball again though... It's been a little while, like the whole time I've been in Fort D long...

One of my favorite parts about this week was back at the fireside with the President and Sister Foote and Elder and Sister Cook. Elder Cook asked me to have everybody who was baptized somewhere else to stand up, then I got to ask them all where they were baptized and when. The colonel was baptized in France in 2001 and our branch president was baptized in like 1993. It's so easy to see that they bring such a huge amount of spiritual strength to the church down here! I love super awesome gospel families! They make my job way easier down here! So make some great gospel based traditions and endure to the end, and you'll be working miracles in no time.

Love y'all

Last second Malagasy Morsel is mandra-pihaona. Until we meet again.


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