Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 57 - Batisa! Batisa! Batisa!

So we had three baptisms this week. M., F., and F. all got baptized, then T. will turn eight in November, so his dad will baptize him then. I love them so much! They are all doing great and they have got family scripture study and prayers down! They are all just so happy and cheerful all of the time and I love being around them because they're always just so excited to see the missionaries! The baptism went wonderfully! The water was way deep, so the actual dunking part went great. Then it was a little warmer than frigid, so that was way good too! Then we had lots of investigators and members show up to the baptism, so that was way cool.

F., Elder Rasmussenbogosy, F., and M. Some of my favorite people on the planet. 

Other than that, this week was just work as usual. Elder Price and I covered a lot of ground and each day just went really smoothly. Amparihy is going great. I love it here. We've started focusing a little more on working with members and getting referrals, so that means soirèes!!! Yeah buddy. I love Malagasy food. Including rice. I never thought I would say that... Oh well.

This next week should be way good too. I finally get to meet the mission president! He came on like July 1st, but he hasn't made it down to Fort D yet... So on Friday I will finally meet President Foote. I'm super pumped. Everyone loves him and he plays basketball with the missionaries on pdays! What more could you want?!?! He's coming with Elder Cook, the area president for the Africa Southeast area. Everyone's pumped because a Seventy has never come here before. So we're all pretty pumped about that!

This week's malagasy morsel will be way simple. Batisa. It couldn't possibly mean baptism... And since that's so hard, we'll give you an easier one: tempoly... Definitely is not the next step after baptism... Anyway, the church is still true folks. I love you all and I'm just having a blast out here. God's doing work. And he's still giving out a ton of blessings.

Love y'all.
Tahian'ny Tompo,

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