Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 64 - Best P-day Ever

So... I'll explain about the best p-day ever in just a sec, but first I want to talk about showers. Showers are way important here. Because it's so humid and it's starting to get pretty warm in the day, if you don't wash off all of the grime you can get pretty nasty pretty quick. They're especially nice right before bed, so then you're nice and cool when you go to sleep. However... there's been a little bit of a problem with our hot water recently, and when I say a problem, I mean there is none...

I just want to go on record and say that Elder Rasmussen does not like hot showers. There's not much refreshing about being covered in hot water when you are covered with hot sweat all day. It's like the same. Elder Rasmussen really likes cool showers, like slightly lower than room tempurature kind of a deal. But the glacial water imported from the icy peaks of Russia that comes spraying out of the showerhead isn't quite what I have in mind when I say "cool."

But we got our sink fixed. Kind of. And we got an electric stovetop. And we should be getting an electrician over early this week. I mean, like the plumber dude offered to do it, but like I said he "kind of" fixed the sink, so I think we'll try to find someone else...

The work went great though. The only thing is if you want to be really blessed in one aspect of life, I feel like you gotta take hits in other aspects. You know what I mean??

The highlight of the week was definitely President Foote coming down with his wife and his son, Kevin. They came down on Saturday, but they didn't really need us for anything, which was kind of nice because we had baptismal interviews planned in both areas, so Elder Razakamandimby and I both headed into eachother's areas and did some baptismal interviews. I love doing bap interviews! It's always so fun to talk to people about their faith! Then on Sunday the Foote's came to our Amparihy Branch. I got to sit up on the stand to translate for President and Mama Foote and Elder Price sat in the back to translate for their son Kevin. And because of that we didn't exactly get an accurate count of the investigators... It was "20+" but we missed some people... You'd think sitting up on the stand would mean you could see everybody, but it's not really as much of a stand as it is chairs facing a different way at the front of the room... It was way cool to see everyone's reactions when President Foote shared his testimony about prophets and let everyone know who the new apostes are... in malagasy. He's so cool.

Then after that Elder Price headed to Elders' Quorum to translate for President's lesson and I headed to... Relief Society... I was translating for Sister Foote and it was pretty weird... It was especially fun singing like two octaves below everyone else! I'd love to tell you all about the lesson, but Sister Foote made me take the blood oath to not tell any of their secrets... So I can't.

Then we went out to work after all of that.

Oh, we had 185 people at church. That's crazy down here. Like they pulled all of the little plastic chairs out of the primary room so they could fit everyone. And the chapel was already full at quarter till! One reason President Foote came down was to check out on the branch. It should be splitting before too long... Also the greatest area of Amparihy will be splitting this next week. I'm pumped out of my mind. Then I'll be able to keep track of investigators at church, haha!

Then today, we met up with the Footes and headed out to the Reserve Nahampoana. It's out in the jungle and it's a lemur park! So I got to feed lemurs bananas and have them climb over me and I got a bunch of them to kiss me. Then we got to watch them feed the crocs big chunks of cow meat. Then after that we went to Talinjoo the sweet hotel where I'll be staying when I come back here. We ate food there and I had my good old Hawaiian pizza with Zebu chunks. Did I mention that everything somehow ended up being on President's tab? That was pretty nice... Haha then now we're emailing, then after this, we'll be going to a big Family Home Evening at President Danielson's house with all four of the missionaries and the Footes. And Sister Danielson makes some of the best food in the world and I feel like she'll be pulling out all the stops for our dinner tonight because the Foote's are coming! So... that's what makes it the best pday ever! Haha I'm super psyched for dinner tonight! First I'll be taking another cold shower though, your prayers would all be appreciated!

Malagasy Morsel for the week is Mangatsiaka or Manara or Magnitsy and it means cold. Fort Dauphin is not mangatsiaka or manara or magnitsy, but the water is. Mangatsiaka is also how they describe less actives. Cold hearts. Let's all make sure our hearts aren't getting cold, because if we stop trying to get closer to God, we'll start moving away from him and before too long we won't understand why we wanted to be near him in the first place. Satan's a tricky little bugger.

I love you all, and I wish you all the most fantastic week!

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