Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 65 - Baptizing in the Ocean

So transfers happened. But, as usual, you gotta wait until you get to that in the story.
Last Monday was epic. President Danielson's soiree did not dissapoint. We had a little testimony meeting where everyone talked about why they are a member of the church. It was really powerful. I got to translate and that was fun. Then the Foote's actually stuck around until Thursday. So we saw them again after that.

Tuesday was a great day. We had interviews in the morning. And that was way cool. I love President Foote! I really feel like he's just ripping through Madagascar right now and I love it! Then he let me know that I would be staying, and Elder Price would probably be leaving, but the area would be splitting. So I would be leading three elders in two areas for six weeks, then finally heading out. Well... ok? Then in his interview with Elder Price he let him know that. Price was a trooper about it, but we were all bummed for him. I was thrilled that I was staying though, six months baby!
Then we went and taught eight times. Hah.

Then the next day was slow, and we had to wait on the electrician for like half of Thursday but WE HAVE HOT WATER AGAIN!!! So... that's good. Then on Thursday morning Elder Price and I got up and went out to get dite and mofo for breakfast. Herbal tea and round bread things that are way good. Then we got back and were just sitting in the living room chatting. The other elders were... uhh...doing something in their bedroom. Then the front door opens and president walks in! He just walked over by himself from the hotel to talk to us. Then the other elders made it out of their bedroom and we all just chatted with him for 2 hours. We talked about the new stuff we'd need to get for the new elders, he gave me two fat wads of cash he had in his pocket so we could buy new beds and stuff, and then he told stories from his mission and talked a little bit about transfers. It was way cool! Did I mention it lasted 2 hours??? Haha

Then work as normal for the rest of the week. We had a baptism on Monday, but when we went to go get the baptismal font from the other church, the branch president informed us that the lock on the door to the closet where they keep the bap font was broken. So... we have to do it in the ocean? We texted President and let him know that we were terribly sorry and sad about it all, but we'd just have to do it in the ocean. So he said we could. And he didn't even ask who broke the lock!... So we baptized in the ocean.

My companion may have had to rebaptize someone 3 times because he kept mistiming the waves and going down at a low point... It was so funny! We were way out there because the beach is shallow and it was just me and the other witness from the branch and we were like "HURRY!!!" and he was rushing the prayer and then we'd get slammed by a couple big waves and the baptizee was thinking she was going to die and then he got hit by a big wave and dropped her in and then as he was pulling her out he got hit by another wave and got knocked over. So he took a little dip. And lost his badge... That's what you get for swimming Elder!!! I was dying laughing!

In this picture where you can see us in the background, Elder Price and I are trying to pull Lala out of the water. He was halfway through his prayer and a wave hit so she thought it was time to go under. We were like NOOOO NOT YET!!! And trying to save her. And it got caught on the camera. Well done President Danielson, Well done.  

Then Elder Rasmussen did it once and was done... Haha it was one of the funnest but most spiritual things I've done on my mission.

 This one is right after Lala finally got baptized and I was waiting for my baptizee to come out. You can see how stressful the whole thing was...

Then we got a call from President telling us the official news on transfers. Turns out plans changed and Elder Price is not leaving anymore! So we're splitting Amparihy and we're each getting some new elders. He's getting Elder Wiscombe fresh from Fianarantsoa, word on the street is he's a baller. Then I'm getting Elder Brown, who just got finished being trained by Elder Wiscombe in Fianarantsoa. Word on the street is he's also a baller. We're pumped. Then Sunday was good. Sunday is always good, it's just not as much of a day of rest as a missionary... We try to make up for it by running some hymns in the morning.

But... Fort D is treating me well. I'm loving it down here and I'm super psyched to be staying again. Bad news is President told me that I'm leaving after this transfer... So. Yeah. It will have to end some time, but I'm gonna be ripping it up until then!

Malagasy word for the day is Mijery or Magnenty. It means to look at. So look at these pictures of a baptism in the ocean and just think for a little bit about what a blessing the gospel is in our lives! I couldn't be more happy to be helping people receive that blessing!

Love you all!
Tahian'ny Tompo!

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