Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 67 - 20 Weeks in Paradise

So. Week 20 in paradise. Haha that sounds pretty good if I say so myself.

Fort D is still doing great baby! This last week was probably the worst week I've had for like six months as far as stats go. But we had to get sheets made and buy propane and watch conference. Hah. "Had" to watch conference.

Conference was so freaking cool!!! I love all those guys that talked to us! And the sisters were spot on too! We picked up the new missionaries Saturday morning at 9, which is when conference started, so we were a little late, but we watched that session in Malagasy at the church, then the next session was on the Tanambao church's computer in English. Then the power died on the priesthood session, so we turned on the generator and kept watching. Conference don't stop for nobody.

Then on Sunday we watched the morning session with our branch again in Malagasy and then watched the afternoon session in English at the Tanambao church again. So many good talks. I love that stuff. I feel it's like the biggest sports game you ever watch on TV and I just get so pumped up for it!

And then y'all might have noticed that I dropped some stuff about propane and the new missionaries. Yeah. We got propane finally!!! It was so nice. Then the new missionaries!!! They're studs. I'm really impressed with the two of them. I haven't worked with Elder Wiscombe, so I'm pretty sure he's a stud, but I worked with Elder Brown for four hours on Sunday, so I know he's a stud. He's way new in the mission and he's been out here in Madagascar for about three months. That being said, he's way better at Malagasy than I was expecting and he's a solid teacher. He's just a huge stud and I'm super psyched to get to keep working with him for the next four weeks or so.

We had a way bummer time though, our family who should be our next baptism had a little fight and neither of them came to church to see conference. We went to their house and asked them how they were doing and they were feeling pretty bad about it all. We asked the dad if he smoked and he just kind of gave this embarrassed laugh thing and my heart just sunk. We talked about how he felt about it all and referenced a talk that would have helped them out if they would have gone to conference and they saw pretty clearly how much the gospel would have helped them there. They're pretty awesome though. I can't wait for them all to be baptized.

Did I mention that Fort D is way awesome? Haha it's going so great and I love all of the people. I'm gonna be so bummed if I leave this next transfer, but President already pretty much told me I'd be leaving. So it's all about killing it for the last four weeks!

You all have a great week and go read some of those conference talks again! They're so stellar!
Malagasy Morsel of the week would be porofo. It's pronounced proof with a rolled r. Guess what it means. Yep. It means proof. What a shocker. And conference is such a great proof that the Fiangonan'i Jesoa Kristy ho an'ny Olomasin'ny Andro Farany is true. So go watch it with an open hear and you'll come so much closer to God and learn what you should do to become a little bit better!

Love y'all! Have a great week and Mandra-pihaona from Fort D!

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