Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 82 - Branch Conference

This week has been fantastic! We did not have to take two really long busrides to Tana and back, so we were able to put in some good work. It wasn't a ridiculous week as far as amount of work done goes, but it was solid. We may or may not have been leading the zone... haha but it felt great! The best part is we still did decent while missing out on some work because we had lots of crap we had to do that got in the way of preaching and teaching and working as missionaries do. But it was still important stuff, and we got it done, so it's all great!

This week was Branch Conference and Elder Glazier and I sang in the choir. It was beautiful. We had two basses on the back row. Coincidentally, Elder Glazier and I were the only ones on the back row... I think they weren't used to Elder Glazier's beautiful, masculine singing, because we got SOO many compliments on our performance. The talks were great and the lessons were great and I just kept writing stuff down in my planner that was coming into my mind. I loved it. My favorite thing was while we were having our Elder's Quorum lesson about Obedience. I just kept thinking about John 14:15, you know, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." And I was thinking about how Christ was such a great example of that! He didn't need to be warned of the consequences of sin, he didn't need to be corrected all of the time like the Nephites going through the pride cycle. He loved His Father, and He wanted to do His will because of that love. He wasn't looking out for Himself, He gave that up to do the will of someone that He loved very much. If we do that, obedience will never be a chore, it's a great opportunity to show our love for our Heavenly Father! He does so much for us and we can give Him back a little bit through our obedience. How great is that???

Anyway, we'll keep the Malagasy Morsel in line with that. Manoa means to submit as in submitting our will to the will of our Father. And that's how we get all those fitahiana (blessings)!!!

But yeah, Branch Conference was fantastic. We had 125 people at church! Our highest yet, then we had 14 investigators too, which is also our highest yet here in Andranomadio! It's great. I love being a missionary!

I hope y'all have a great week! Do something good every now and then and not just play Clash of Clans on your phone.

Love y'all!
Tahian'ny Tompo

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