Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 85 - New Companion, Same Old Place

So like the subject line, I finally got a companion. He came on Wednesday night at like 7:30. I had no companion or member help on Tuesday or Wednesday, so I just tagged along with Elder Snell in his area of Ambolomadinika. He's great. Then Elder Snell and I had to go unlock the house when the mission driver came with all of the new elders. So we let them in and then went out to catch another time. Elder Johnson and I took Elder Brown with us (my last comp in Fort D) and taught Delphin, our very awesome recent convert. It was great! Lot's of fun. Then we settled down and got to work for the rest of the week. It was great.

So Elder Johnson is from Las Vegas, and he was in my MTC group, so we came here together! He's a great guy! He played volleyball in college for a year before his mission and he's 6'4" and right now about 185 lbs. He's lost a lot of weight since the MTC, but he's still a pretty big guy. We tower over all of our Malagasies, it's ridiculous. He's way funny and friendly and he's a great missionary! I'm way pumped to work with him. With him, I'm keeping my streak going of only having companions older than me. He's my eleventh companion if you count the MTC and the only companion that I've had younger than me is Elder Glazier. But it's great.

We'll just keep it short today and go for our Malagasy word of the day: Mahafinaritra. I may have already done this one, if so, awkward. It literally means pleasing or delightful. But it's also used as great or awesome or sweet. And life is just so mahafinaritra! That's also my little spiritual thought. There is so much good in the world! And we have so many blessings! I got a good fever of 102 Friday night and got a headache and chills and crazy goosebumps, then I was fine the next morning. It was great! It made me appreciate being healthy so much! There are so many things like that that we take for granted. Life is so great!

Y'all have a great week and just be happy!
Love you!

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