Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 83 - Last Week of the Dream Team

This week has been great. Every week is great though, so that's really not saying much. But this week was pretty nice. We went on splits with the Ankirihiry elders, Elder Cyusa and Elder Maleka. I went with Elder Maleka in Ankirihiry. He's from Uganda and he is just about done being trained by Elder Cyusa. He's doing great. He can lead his area wonderfully.

Then Elder Glazier and I got to go to a wedding on Friday. Elder Snell's investigators were getting married and he doesn't have a companion right now, so we got to go with him! It was the two people getting married, each had a witness, and then the mayor performing the wedding and his secretary. Then Elder Snell was taking pictures while Elder Glazier and I watched. It lasted 15 minutes. It was a great wedding!

Then they got baptized the next day, along with 11 other people in our district. We had 13 total baptisms and two were children of record, so 11 investigator baptisms. It was way nice! Tons of members came out to show support and we didn't all fit in the room where the font is! Elder Glazier and I didn't have any, those are all next month, but it was way sweet to see how great our zone is going.

Then one of my favorite things this week is the lesson that Elder Glazier and I had with J. We taught a third, also known as the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You know, faith, repentance, baptism, gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. We both walked out of the door and told each other that that was the best third we've ever taught. It was probably mostly because J is such a raging baller and pretty much already knew it all. But we had scriptures, there were great questions, he talked a lot about how he understood it, we worked together well, and it was just great. The spirit was just flowing beautifully. Everything was simple and clear and it felt fantastic. The Book of Mormon is so cool. I feel like the whole reason that lesson was good was because it was all from the Book of Mormon which brought the Spirit and J is so balling that he just followed that Spirit and learned from Him while Elder Glazier and I sat there. Beautiful.

Then the malagasy morsel for this week comes from the Book of Mormon: Helamàna. Yep. It means Helaman. Sorry, really dumb one this week, but it's just because I wanted to share a scripture in Helaman and couldn't think of any way to tie it in to a different word... Just call it a lack of creativity. Anyway, the scripture is Helaman 5:24. It's the story of Nephi and Lehi, they'd just baptized 8,000 people then they get caught by and army and thrown into prison. Then they're starved for a couple days, then 300 people come to kill them. I feel like it's safe to say that they weren't having the best day. They probably felt like they were in a bit of a slump... But good news, God had his eye on them and surrounded them with fire that protected them but didn't burn them. Then we get to the scripture, it says, "And when they saw that they were encircled about with a pillar of fire, and that it burned them not, their hearts did take courage." That means that their hearts weren't taking a whole lot of courage before that. It's ok to get down a little bit. I don't feel like God expects us to be super pumped about hard things, I don't think God was disappointed with his two prophets for being a little bit bummed about being imprisoned and starved and about to be killed. But He helped them. And He always helps us if we're willing to let him do that. I love that. I know he loves us and He's always got our backs.

But yeah, y'all have a good week for me. I'm going to have a great week for all y'all--Elder Glazier and I are going to rip up this area for our last week together, so I should have lots of great stories next week.

Love you!
Mazotoa e!

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