Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 84 - And She Gone!

Well. For starters, this week I got my right shoe!!! I was so pumped. I got the left shoe about two months ago, right before Christmas, and the right one came on Tuesday. It's brown. Just like the other one that's been sitting under my bed all by itself. So that was good. Then Elder Glazier left on Thursday, so that was not good.  Dream Team has come to a close.

Then this next transfer will have me with Elder Johnson from my MTC group! He's flying from Toliara to Tana today, and then he's driving up on Wednesday, so I should have a companion to work with again on Thursday. I'm so excited. Not having a companion is terrible. I've been going out with members every day, which is fantastic, but I'm so pumped to be with another missionary that knows what they're doing a little bit more.

So this last week was a little bit slow because we had to work things out with the members and stuff like that, but it was great! It all pulled together nicely without to much hassle. There are some way great recent converts who are preparing to go on missions that were way awesome to help out.
Shout out to Mom and Andrew and Timmy  for getting older. Happy birthday!!!

Then we have a fun story that made me feel like a boss. In Elders' Quorum yesterday they were teaching a lesson from the teachings of the prophets, which are not translated into Malagasy, but are only in French. So the teacher writes down the lesson name: "L’Adversit√© faite partie du plan de Dieu pour notre progression √©ternelle." Then he asked what it meant in Malagasy. Everyone just kind of nifampijery-ed and didn't say anything. Oh, that's the Malagasy Morsel for the week, mifampijery means to look at each other. So they nifampijery-ed and didn't say anything and then who translated it? Yours truly. Who knows jack squat of French? Yours truly. It's a good thing all the words look the same, right? Adversity, part, plan of God, for, eternal progression. Then I used my incredibly shallow grasp of connecting words and put it together. Win. Gift of tongues at work.

But it was a good lesson. Adversity is great. I don't always appreciate it as much as I should, but I have learned and grown so much because of the hard things in my life. God knows what He's doing, He's been helping His children become gods for eternity and He'll keep doing it for eternity.

Then another cool thing that I thought of this week as we taught a lesson about the story of Nefia and Lehia from the Bokin'i Mormona as they baptized 8,000 people then got thrown in prison and the soldiers came to kill them and the fire protected them then there was the mist of darkness and good old Aminidaba turned around to see them and their faces were glowing as they prayed/looked upwards. Then all the soldier looked at their shining faces in the middle of the mists of darkness and started their paths on the conversion process that lead to them believing the words of Nefia and Lehia and believing in Jesoa Kristy and going and teaching their Lamanita buddies and converting the greater part of them. How cool is it that all of that came because Nefia and Lehia were shining in the darkness? Well we shine in the darkness too, so we need to try to shine bright. That was pretty much what came into my mind while we taught that. Way cool story.

Anyway, y'all have a great week, I sure will!
Love y'all,
Mazotoa e!

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